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Vision Boards: A Simple Tool For Reaching Your Dreams

Vision boards are the Hollywood portrayal of goals and goal-setting. But, why do regular people use them, and are they truly beneficial?

As more and more people focus their attention on creating vision boards as a part of their personal development plan, their usefulness is mainly contingent on your ambition and desire to reach your goals, in terms of professional and personal life.

Many influential leaders, such as Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce, are well-known for talking about vision boards and the power of intentions. Simply put, manifestation. However, it’s not an overnight process. It implies setting your goal, believing in it, and the act of executing it.

Let’s take a look at what a goal-setting vision board is, how it can help you meet your lifelong expectation, why you should make one, and what is the vision board checklist.

What Is a Vision Board?

Whereas the majority of us have dreams, they are frequently lost in the never-ending stream of our everyday thinking. This is when a goal-setting vision board might come in handy.

A vision board, for example, is typically a pinboard with magazine cutout pictures and statements that are significantly related to the objective you wish to attain. The pictures and quotations chosen by you on the board might help you imagine your objectives and ambitions.

Ultimately, it is a tangible instrument for clarifying, concentrating, and maintaining a focus that helps you reach your goals, both spiritually and professionally. Your vision board acts as a daily reminder of your objectives. In the end, your ideas will align with them, resulting in successful actions and a more clear image of your desires. 

Why Is Visualization Such a Powerful Tool?

Visualization does not just require merely placing images on the board to create your desired outcome or just utilizing the Law of Attraction. Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart explained that the brain assigns a greater value to images than written lists or texts. “Looking at images on a vision board primes the brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.“, adds the expert.

Daily eye contact with your goal might help you focus better or become more motivated. Obviously, your focus grows more and more and you become more willing to perform goal-setting activities. The key is to imagine and act as if you have already reached your goal and program your subconscious mind to believe it.

Studies show that one out of every five small business owners utilized a vision board when they first started their company. 76 percent of those business owners stated that their company is now exactly where they imagined it would be.

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Vision Board

As you are using visual representations or images of what you aspire to achieve, have, or be in life in your goal-setting vision board, it is all intrinsically personal. So, those can become relevant prompts for driving actions or goals. 

  • It increases motivation

Visualizing the life you desire in the future the minute you wake up boosts your motivation and starts a stream of thoughts that are focused on your objectives, especially if you keep the board in a place where you can notice it first thing in the morning. As a result, every action you do can help you reach your goals and get you closer to the ultimate goal.

  • It takes you out of your comfort zone

It’s one thing to keep your aspirations locked up in your head, but putting them on a vision board takes things a step further. Courage is strongly linked to motivation. Refer to your vision board for encouragement to enjoy your life and proceed with your happiness journey.

  • It boosts performance

The more you are reminded of your objectives, the more effort you will put in to achieve them. If you have a specific goal in mind, such as a promotion or holiday, remind yourself why you want it. Include that goal in your personal development plan, make sure you see it every day and this will motivate you to strive for it.

The 4-Step Guide to Successfully Create a Vision Board

There should never be rules when creating a vision board!

However, there’s a vision board checklist you should follow that will make the process simpler and more inspiring. You may make a vision board in a variety of ways, starting from a digital one, a notebook, on a bulletin board, in a shadow box, and ending with any other concept you have. 

Creating your vision board in a notebook would give you the flexibility of carrying it around if you, and you will constantly be reminded of your ultimate goals and desires. If you opt for a physical one, you can choose a magnet board and start with cutting out some magazines or printing some images.

Regardless of the method you are choosing, creating a vision board should start with a ritual. Give yourself a moment to think about your priorities. Proceed by sitting quietly and setting your intention. Then, with compassion and openness, ask yourself what you want in which aspects of your life. Perhaps just one word will suffice. Perhaps pictures will appear in your mind.

The whole experience becomes more profound when you are willing to let go of your ego and let your subconscious mind emerge. Moreover, if you are willing to include anyone dear to you into your happiness journey, creating a visual board can become a very fun activity for you and your family members, altogether. Let’s take a look at your vision board checklist!

Step 1: Choose Relevant Images or Quotes

Choose photos or statements that speak to you from your magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. Don’t put them on the board just yet! Simply have a good time going through magazines and plucking out photos, words, or headlines that catch your eye. Have a good time with it and try to gather a large collection that speaks to you.

Step 2: Plan Your Vision Board

Go through the cutouts and start placing those on the board. Remove any photographs that don’t seem to belong – this is where your intuition comes in. Acknowledging what you truly want and need in your life is a huge part of your personal development plan and your overall happiness journey. Always stay true to yourself!

After placing the cutouts, you can decide whether you want to create a whole story around it or place each segment in a different corner. Begin by arranging the pieces on the board that resonate with you. If you want to add your own remarks to the board, do so.

Step 3: Have Fun With Your Board

After creating the layout, your board is almost ready! Make sure to create something that makes you happy and reminds you of what is essential and excites you. Paint on it, add color or fabric. Glue the three-dimensional things together. Use whatever your heart and mind desire.

Step 4: Include Your Statement Photo

Make room in the vision board’s very center for a stunning photo of yourself that makes you seem radiant and cheerful. You might also choose a symbol that holds a special meaning. Whatever you pick, it must be strong and encouraging. A vision board is a one-of-a-kind intention generator that is as individual as you are.

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