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Moving Up the Energy Vibrational Scale: How It Can Benefit You

You’re probably aware by now that we, as humans, are surrounded by an energy field. But did you know that our emotional scale can be affected by all the thoughts going through our brains every day? 

On average, humans have about 6,000 thoughts during a day, so monitoring all of them is virtually impossible. Sometimes you might feel your energy levels sinking because feelings are an expression of your thought process. If you feel powerless, that could mean you are not in line with your desires and wants.

Let’s take a look at how you can move up the emotional guidance scale and how it could benefit your self-development journey.

What is the Emotional Guidance Scale?

The emotional scale mentioned by Esther Hicks in her popular book “Ask and It Is Given”, which teaches you how manifesting your desires and dreams can make your life more joyful and empowering.

Rethinking your feelings on an emotional scale implies using your emotions to become closer to a higher self. The main idea is that when you manifest something within your inner self and the vibrational world, your desires become more tangible in the real world.

Abraham-Hicks explains the emotional guidance scale as a system representing 22 commonly felt emotions. Positive emotions, such as joy, are on the top of the scale and the emotions with the lowest vibrations are assigned the value 22.

High-vibration emotions are generally associated with uplifting feelings like gratitude, freedom, love, happiness, and passion. A lower vibration is linked to negative emotions and darker experiences, such as fear, greed, insecurity, and jealousy. Living your life based on an emotional scale looks like climbing a ladder. You begin from the bottom of what emotions you identify within yourself and strive to achieve the highest ones.

The Benefits of the Energy Vibrational Scale

Believe it or not, everything you feel inside yourself deeply influences your day-to-day life. Everything is drawn to us based on the energy we exude. Negative energy, which is released when we’re experiencing low emotions, attracts people, circumstances, and experiences that are in tune with that vibration.

Our capacity to train our minds to concentrate on whatever we choose is one of the most valuable traits we have as humans. That’s how we are capable of achieving the state of mind we desire, ultimately manifesting our dreams into reality. Your attention will shift once you release negative emotions and learn how to climb the emotional guidance scale, entering a high-vibration stage.

Being emotionally aware has many positive effects on your health, including the ability to build deeper relationships with those around you, learn more about your true desires and dreams, and discover more about yourself. You have more energy, you work better, and you make wiser decisions. You feel more at ease expressing your emotions and become more confident.

When you feel better, everything around you changes, and once you’re moving up the scale and experiencing more positive emotions, you feel more balanced. This could be the missing piece from your self-development journey!

Climbing the Emotional Guidance Scale: Simple, Yet Effective Steps

You can improve your understanding of the emotions you experience and ensure that you are moving up the emotional ladder by implementing a few simple steps into your daily life. To achieve a higher-vibrational state, check out these techniques!

  1. Identify Your Current Emotions

Identifying what you’re feeling right now will give you a clear picture of your emotional state and what you can do to get rid of negative emotions. Check the Emotional Guidance Scale above and determine what you’re currently feeling. Focus on the emotion that you experience the most and try to answer the following questions to get more clarity: 

  • How can we know if one has the right feeling? 
  • What is the feeling of guilt?
  1. Acknowledge and Forgive Yourself

Accept your feelings and forgive yourself if you’re experiencing lower emotions. Don’t try to repress your emotions, as they will pile up within yourself and will affect all of your relationships. Feeling negative emotions is inevitable, as people are affected by different things every day, so it’s natural to further emit that energy.

That doesn’t mean that you need to let yourself be blinded by negative thoughts and emotions. While climbing the scale higher means you’ll be able to express more positive emotions both internally and externally, acknowledging negative emotions can help balance out your manifestation goals. 

  1. Practice Mindfulness in the Morning

Getting up in the morning represents a new opportunity for you to change something every day. Therefore, what one thinks in those initial moments may affect their emotional state throughout the day. Acknowledge the things you are grateful for as soon as you open your eyes and focus on them until you fall asleep. Reflect on the emotions you want to feel throughout that day and let them manifest into reality.

Moreover, mornings are also a good time for spiritual practices, including meditation and visualization, so take the time to think about your true desires. 

  1. Write Your Feelings Down

ournaling is a great practice when you want to reflect on your feelings because it allows you to practice mindfulness and let it all out on paper. Keeping records of your thoughts can provide valuable insights about what might be triggering your negative emotions, or, the other way around, what makes you feel positive ones.

Journaling allows you to draw the line and come up with conclusions about certain things, giving you a more clear picture of yourself and your self-development journey. You can even start with a short reflection session every morning and answer these questions:

  • What is stressing me out today? What can I do to reduce stress?
  • What is one thing that I am excited about for today?
  • What can I do today that will keep my vibration high on the energy scale?

5. Learn to Practice Gratitude

Appreciation and gratitude are among the highest feelings on the emotional guidance scale, so achieving those states of mind is the ultimate path to happiness. As you feel grateful, more powerful energies from the same category will be drawn to you. This will allow you to live a fuller life and receive more blessings which to express gratitude for.

Giving thanks before you even receive something has a positive vibration that attracts your ideal partner, job, good health, and abundance in all areas of your life. Try to write down what you’re grateful for at the end of each day. This way, you will go to sleep feeling the highest vibrational feelings possible.

Start the Change Today!

It is now time to step into your power with enthusiasm, ready to attract everything you desire and manifest it into reality. When you are in a low vibrational state, you fully reflect that, so things around you will reflect that negativity.

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