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The intention is to provide coaching tools to guide you on your path of self-discovery. However, there is no end game when it comes to happiness in life. There’s no point where you can brush off your hands and say you’ve reached the happy place, and now you can stop. Therefore, all the tools provided on this course would need to be revisited in different phases of your life, supporting you to cultivate day-to-day well-being.

Betina Pflug, who will lead this course, is an enthusiastic executive coach and mentor. She wants to arm her clients, helping them understand their personalities and the impact of relationships in our lives, thus removing any dependence on her empowering her clients with self-awareness, confidence, and strength.

All the knowledge shared on this course comes from three decades of working experience, several certifications, and actual practice. Her “Walk the Talk” practice is one of the best characteristics that makes her an excellent coach. Professionals who teach from a place of authenticity understand the effort and mindset needed to reinvent themselves repeatedly. She will demonstrate how to find courage self-efficacy to grow, push yourself when facing challenges, and motivate you to keep learning skills necessary to accomplish whatever goal you orient yourself to.

This online coaching training format will be composed of different tools; one of them is a weekly 90-minutes online class on Google Meet. The coach will explain all the week’s goals and guide you on how to work on your daily tasks. The class will be recorded and shared with all the members of the person who is not available to participate. Still, we highly encourage all the participants to attend online to understand the program better. During the week, the participants will have access to an app with five different exercises that can be done once a day or at the participant’s availability. On the package is concluded a e-mail support, a WITY Planner and one book per month.





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