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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and success with Betina Pflug, an experienced expat coach with over 30 years of diverse expertise. Having played roles as an executive, entrepreneur, scout leader, small business mentor, and third sector facilitator, Betina offers a unique blend of skills to guide you through life's challenges. As a seasoned expat and devoted parent, she comprehends the complexities of achieving balance and feeling connected no matter what country you live. Rooted in crafting personalised strategies, Betina's coaching approach empowers you to thrive in your expat journey, ensuring a transformative experience.

Walking in Your Shoes

Walking in Your Shoes

Dive right in and join this video where I talk about my own expat escapades, navigating the twists and turns of expat life and entrepreneurship. My knowledge, skills, and experience are invaluable. I use real-world experience, and insight to share a bit about my story, providing clear, actionable advice and tailored information. Gain clarity, overcome overwhelm, and take positive steps to build your thriving life overseas. Click play and let's embark on this expat journey together!


Ways to
Work with Me

1-1 Coaching

Embark on a personalized journey to success with one-on-one coaching, a bespoke approach designed to address the unique challenges and aspirations of expatriates, executives, and entrepreneurs. Through individual sessions, you'll receive focused attention and tailored guidance, allowing for a deep exploration of your goals and obstacles. This intimate and personal coaching experience provides a supportive space for self-discovery, skill enhancement, and targeted strategies, ensuring your path to success is uniquely crafted to meet your individual needs.

Group Coaching

Joining our supportive community in group coaching offers a dynamic and collaborative approach to the expatriate, executive, and entrepreneurial journey. Benefit from shared experiences, collective wisdom, and a network of like-minded individuals navigating similar challenges. In this interactive setting, participants contribute diverse perspectives, fostering a rich environment for mutual learning and support. Group coaching not only provides guidance from a coach but also creates a community where participants inspire and uplift each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared success.

1-1 Systemic Constellation

For those seeking a holistic and systemic perspective, individual systemic constellation provides a transformative experience. This approach goes beyond the individual, exploring hidden dynamics in your own systems. By visualizing and understanding the interconnected relationships and patterns, you will gain insights into systemic influences that may impacting your journey. It offers a unique way to uncover solutions, break free from limiting patterns, and achieve a more balanced and harmonious approach to life and work.

Group Systemic Constellation

Suitable for individuals in various sectors, this approach involves creating a 'living map' of the issue with a facilitator, revealing hidden forces and providing insights into wider influences affecting them personally. The systemic approach address root causes, offering new insights and a healing experience for both organizational and personal issues. Additionally, the process aids in clarifying personal direction, career choices, or relationship challenges by embodying choices through representatives, facilitating valuable insights for decision-making

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