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Mapping The Field

This engaging training is designed to introduce systemic coaching with constellations to those who coach individuals and/or teams. It’s designed to resource coaches who would like to integrate a practical method for resolving limiting dynamics and then support their clients to find the next best forward movement. You may be a very experienced coach or more recently started on your journey.

What is included

In a very practical way the group will explore the stance, principles and practices of this ‘applied philosophy’ through the application of mapping and constellations in executive, leadership and team coaching. Highlights of the experiential training include:

  • The practical application of visual mapping and constellations in one-to-one coaching that you can use straight away
  • An introduction to working with teams using structured embodied processes
  • An embodied understanding of the stance, principles and practices described in the book
  • An understanding of some of your own systemic resources and loyalties and how they may inform and support your coaching


Participants are encouraged to read at least the first three chapters of  ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ in it’s 3rd edition before attending this training.

This will greatly enhance your learning and fluency in integrating it into your professional practice.

“Extremely powerful personal and professional development.”

Alison Grace, Leadership Coach

More about the learning journey

You are welcome to explore the Trainings page which describes the arc of the learning journey from Fundamentals to Practitioner. For the other trainings that John is facilitating in Australia and New Zealand please see this page.


Continuous Professional Development

Participating in this training will provide each participant with a Certificate in Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Fundamentals Part I, together with 12 hours of ICF ‘Continuous Coaching Education Units’,  split 8.5 hours ‘core’ and 3.5 hours ‘resource development’.


Your facilitator

This training will be led by author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ John Whittington.

Links: https://youtu.be/uzJKBrFKNwI


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Training in Systemic Coaching with Constellations


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