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Larimer Humane Society 5K Run

Larimer Humane Society organizes every year a 5k Run, one of the most important fundraising events for the organization. 2021 was the second year that I have participated, and we had a wonderful time, together with 581 supporters of the organization! But the best part is that – thanks to all participants, they have exceeded their fundraising goal and raised nearly $65,000 for homeless animals in northern Colorado!

This event was an opportunity for quality time with our furry family members. Dogs were not only welcome at the Fire Hydrant 5K, but they’re also encouraged! 

During this year’s Fire Hydrant 5K, participants have the option of participating either in-person at Spring Canyon Park or virtually! 

They used Salesforce and the Classy platform to help with fundraising activities, which means each participant can create their own fundraising page and ask for support on their social media. Every dollar raised will help provide the love and care an animal needs to move from being abandoned to being adopted. Here are some examples of the things that will be done with this collected amount: providing microchips (ensuring their safe return home if they get lost), sterilization surgeries (increases the chance of a healthy life and reduces the risk of overpopulation of animals pet), medical care for injured animals and treatment with licensed veterinarians and a qualified veterinary support team, shelter and temporary care for an animal if its owner has been hospitalized, is fleeing domestic violence or has lost their home in a disaster, provision of vaccines (protecting the animals during their stay at the shelter and keeping them healthy when they return home), provision of nutritious food for all animals in the shelter’s care (often arriving hungry, malnourished and weak), provision of medicines for all animals in the shelter who are injured or sick.

They did a great job organizing a hybrid event; soon we will share all the tips to prepare such a hybrid event on our Podcast Wisdom for Nonprofits; keep tuned.


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