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Wity Coaching Helps Career-Minded Professionals & Entrepreuneurs Balance Their Professional Lives & Family Lives with this unique -Week Challenge.

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Signals that you're ready for a change:

Hate Mondays?

Do you dread the beginning of a work week? Does your heart sink a bit on Sunday Evening? Then, imagine feeling excited to go to work on Monday morning!

Feel like you're not making a difference?

Our program will clarify your understanding of your life mission. This realization is the key to impacting your company's success.

Feeling Bored?

Maybe you’re not at a point where a big leap in your career needs to happen. Our program will help you rediscover your natural talents that give true meaning and Happiness to you and your profession.

Feeling Unisnpired?

(you have outgrown your role, but you're not excited to see what else is available to you. Growth and development are key reasons why we won't change in our career)

Feeling Stagnant?

You will learn a daily routine that teaches self-awareness, allowing you to reflect on what topics in your career and family life need to be addressed for continued self-growth.

Relationship Issues?

Our Triads test will identify the perspective that contributes to your, help you better understand your native talents, and, more importantly, teach you how to raise your relational intelligence.

This 8-weeks coaching program helps you to take an honest look at yourself to recognize and accept what must be changed. My purpose is to motivate you to roll up your sleeves and start your journey to happiness.

All the knowledge shared in this course comes from my three decades of work experience, education, training, and actual practice. In addition, I am an enthusiastic executive coach and mentor who wants to arm you with the tools that help you understand your personality and its impact on the relationships in your life. The end goal is to empower you with self-awareness, confidence, and strength.

My “Walk the Talk” practice is one of the key pieces that make this an excellent experience. I teach from a place of authenticity and understand the effort and mindset professionals must cultivate to reinvent themselves repeatedly throughout their lives and careers. I will demonstrate how to find the courage to grow, push yourself when facing challenges and motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

In this online course, I will provide you with unique coaching tools that guide you on your path of self-discovery. There is no end point when it comes to achieving Happiness in life. There’s no point where you can throw up your hands and say, “I’ve reached the happy place.” One of the unique aspects of this course is that all the tools provided to you can be reviewed and reused in different phases of your life and will continue to support you in cultivating day-to-day wellbeing.

The next group starts on April 4th, 2023


This online coach/education training will be composed of several different topics distributed over 8-weeks. The group will meet weekly for a 90-minutes online class on Google Meet, every Tuesday from 5 pm until 6:30 pm MST (for USA clients) and every Wednesday from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm AEDT (for clients in Australia). At this meeting, the coach will explain all the week’s goals and guide you on how to work on your tasks. At the end of each session, she will be available to answer any questions the participants might have.

We highly encourage all the participants to attend online to understand the program better. However, the class will be recorded and shared with all the unable members to participate. During the week, the participants will have access to an app that includes all the videos, presentations, and several support materials with different exercises that can be done at the participant’s own pace.

What is included in this program?

8 weeks of weekly online group coaching sessions of 90-minutes


Personality Assessment


Biography Assessment


Happiness Assessment


18 worksheets available on Wity App


1 Meditation for 21 consecutive days


Calendar Tracker


Wity Planner


Book Miracle Morning


Book The Power of Intention


Book The Confidence Gap


Book The Big Leap


Wity Coaching APP


Email support


Individual 60-minutes session

What is the Happiness Journey Program?

In this online course, we will provide you with coaching tools to guide you on your path of self-discovery. However, there is no end game when it comes to Happiness in life. There’s no point where you can brush off your hands and say you’ve reached the happy place, and now you can stop. Therefore, all the tools provided in this course would need to be revisited in different phases of your life, supporting you to cultivate day-to-day well-being.

The Happiness Journey Program is a 4-month, in-depth learning journey for career-minded professionals & entrepreneurs to help you balance your professional & family lives. Bringing over 20 years of working experience, she shares her expert knowledge in strategic decision-making, marketing, sales, government negotiations, quality control, public speaking, training, and analytics. With each new business venture, Betina acquired new skills that presently offer high value to whoever receives her Coaching.

Each week, we will provide an online group coaching session and several pair discussions. In addition, you will have access to videos, podcasts, meditations, PDF materials to guide your exploration, and additional tools to apply the approach to your own field of interest and activity.

This learning journey is both deep and wide, covering: getting to know yourself, creating healthy habits to support your change, going deep on your goals and relationships, clarifying your purpose in life, getting organized, bringing efficiency to your life, and the base to keep evolving constantly, we will refine your superpowers.

Those who wish to embark on this challenge can schedule a FREE call to see if this program is the best match for you.

What are people saying about this program?


“Where you put the right focus, it grows and with the right tool, you soon reach another dimension.”


I was struggling in my life with balancing career and family concerns. I needed a push to really start thinking critically about what’s next in my life and how to start taking concrete steps to get there. Being a part of the Happiness Journey and having one on one coaching time with Betina has helped me thing about my future without fear, ask new questions of myself and broadened my vision to see things in a more positive and hopeful way. Betina is an excellent coach and leader and I’ve been honored to have the opportunity to work with her.


I’m at a stage in my life where I decided to change everything and start a new business. I searched for Happiness Journey and Betina helped me very much with this change supporting me and giving direction, helping to organize and structure the new company and also my life!
Thank you Betina and Happiness Journey!


“I always thought I could do it on my own. Taking the Happiness Journey gave me outside perspectives, tools and encouragement so that I I can do it better, faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Betina helps me Chase the Music!”


Happiness Journey, has helped me organize and formally write down my goals and mission. This was key to decide weather to go back to work and be part of a big corporation. Now that I’ve started to work and it’s being over 3 months in my new job, I’m glad to go back to my goals and ensure that I’m aligned with them. Thanks Betina to help me.


Being comfortable with yourself and authentic and being confident, showing with a growth mindset.


“The happiness journey program has been a great tool for self-knowledge including knowledge of my own character, value, abilities and emotions.”


Life throws many curve balls. It’s easy to get stuck in life whether it’s personally or professionally. My choice to work with Betina couldn’t have been a better one. She helped me to identify my core values to gain traction in all areas of my life. This program will help you to understand who you are, what you stand for, as well as the ability to uncover what’s holding you back in life. Oftentimes we aren’t able to identify what it is that’s keeping us from living our best life or reaching our full potential. The Happiness Journey is very well-structured and will help you to do just that. If you are stuck in any area of your life, I highly recommend that you go through the Happiness Journey. You won’t regret it!

Maritza Vega

The toolbox offered by this program was vast and very useful. I certainly learned things that I will take with me in my life. However, my favorite part of the training was when Betina explained the five main areas of our lives and how to balance them; Finding the balance between my personal and professional life is something I’ve been looking for a long time. She explained it to us using a metaphor that helped me understand this topic better. As you look at your hand, imagine that the center of the hand represents your life; try to imagine on it that you have a sun that represents your light/energy, and each finger represents the five areas of your life that you must manage daily: health, work, family, spirituality and friends/community. They are all equally important, which means you should invest energy in all areas; the secret of the game is to empower your light and dose the intensity you distribute your energy, balancing all these areas as much as possible.

Program Content

Rise and Shine in 8 weeks

Program Content

Rise and Shine in 18 weeks


Getting to Know the Group and Platforms Wity Planner


Happiness Assessment
How to Release Overwhelming Feelings


Morning Routine
Evening Recap
Intorduction to Meditation


Life Mission


Task Management


Intention Focus


Limiting Believes
Dream Board


Vibrational Scale


Skills wheel


Biography Assessment
7-Years Cycle of Life (Part 1)


7-Years Cycle of Life (Part 2)


Triads Assessment
Relational Intelligence (Part 1)


Relational Intelligence (Part 2)


Systematic Family Constellation


Fueling Your Body


Brain Programming


SWOT Analysis
Action Plan


Happiness Assessment
Group Feedback

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