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Fueling Your Health: The Transformative Effects of a Plant-Based Diet

Welcome to Wisdom Woman, the podcast that aims to empower women through self-knowledge and professional development. Our host, Betina Pflug, is an experienced entrepreneur, business and life coach, and marketing specialist with a passion for helping individuals organize their lives and achieve balance and enthusiasm. With over 25 years of experience, Betina has invested herself in various sectors, acquiring new skills that she now shares with her clients.


In this episode, we are joined by Martina Brayford, a certified Food For Life instructor by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a health coach. Martina is a passionate advocate of plant-based nutrition for disease prevention and overall health improvement. Her programs include live cooking demonstrations, food sampling, and tips and tricks for easy incorporation of healthy eating habits into daily life. Martina is also the founder of Plant Oceans Nutrition, where people can access free articles on the power of plant foods, follow easy-to-make plant-based recipes, and receive updates on the best local produce.


During this episode, Betina and Martina discuss the transformative effects of a plant-based diet and how it can improve your overall health. They also delve into the history of Food For Life, the nonprofit organization that Martina is a part of, and its global impact.


Don’t forget to schedule a strategic coaching session with Betina to help achieve your goals and create balance between your personal and business life. Also, check out the events on Martina’s website, plantoceans.com.au, to learn more about her cooking demonstrations and coaching services.


Listen to this episode now to gain insights on the benefits of a plant-based diet and learn how to improve your overall health.


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Plan to Eat: https://app.plantoeat.com/ref/df61483d40

21-Day Vegan Kickstart: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/21-day-vegan-kickstart/id1118716942

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