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Our previous Wity Mastermind experience was incredible! 

Our group work to develop their “Relational Intelligence.” The development of social skills is one of the most important concepts we should dig into. In the past, in a technical, autocratic world, full of rules, professionals were evaluated by their Logical Intelligence (IQ). In the 1990s, with the need to transform managers into leaders of people, professionals who knew how to manage pressures and their own emotions were also valued, integrating Emotional Intelligence in the assessments. Today, we need engaging leaders who develop collaborative teams with professionals who express themselves more freely and with autonomy. 

In this context, leaders must develop social skills (Relational Intelligence) to manage the diversity of professional thoughts and talents. Relational Intelligence is the ability of individuals to interact with different styles of people. 

Our Wity Mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. Our ultra-exclusive group is a haven for those looking to learn and expand their skill sets while networking with brilliant peers alongside some special facilitation technics. This month we were able to do an archetype test, provided by Hallos, and learn some skills such as self-awareness, listening and empathizing with the other, understanding the diversity of human styles and their different perspectives, and the ability to resonate with the other.

Reserve your spot in the next group; you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business. Please send us an email at info@wity.tech.to to learn more.


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