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Why we blame others and how to stop this cycle

Do you know if you are a blame shifter? If you recognize this in you, how to stop and break this cycle?

When we are blaming, it is a symptom of feeling like a powerless victim of someone or something. 

Please pay attention that we are pointing three fingers back at ourselves every time we blame a person or point the finger at someone.

To be honest with you, the key to break free from our own victim reality is perceiving our own power. 

Do you think that blaming others will liberate us from our own miseries? 

Or do you think blaming will only keep us more trapped in our own victim reality? 

To stop our powerless symptoms or stop blame-shifting and break free from our own imprisoning limiting victim reality, the first step is to bring self-awareness of how you conduct your life. 

Christy Thiel is our guest! She is a Master Nutrition Therapist and specializes in endocannabinoid system health and hemp CBD supplementation; Director of Education and Partner Relations at Seed2System; She trains, educates, and speaks to a growing team of accounts, groups, and individuals. Since 2016 Christy has been presenting and leading practitioner education in the hemp industry. With a professional history in exercise, personal training, and a private nutrition practice, transitioning into the hemp industry was a natural fit. 

Christy produces and hosts a weekly live show called Hemp Your Health. She interviews experts, innovators and leaders in cannabis, health, and healing. She is a national educator on health’s missing link, the endocannabinoid system. She shares the wisdom and adaptation of this system in an approachable way with science and experience.

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