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Why are you so special to me Thabata?

I waited so many years to see her face; I already knew that I would have a daughter as soon as I found the right person to share my life with. Your name was chosen with great affection, and since I was pregnant, I already called you affectionately by Thabatinha. My curiosity to meet you was so big that all the notes listened to your little heart with a stethoscope.

You arrived, teaching us how to be parents, creating new challenges with each passing month; this provided us with significant growth as individuals. Your joy, affection, always clinging to my lap like a “tick” made us so happy.

You grew up and rejoiced not only in me and your father’s life but also in your grandparents and uncles. Since you were little, you loved going to their house to bring your fantastic energy. You were never afraid of anything, especially to meet new people and places.

When you were five years old, it was the first time you gave me your first advice; your words always guide me; I saw in you not just a daughter, but a friend, a companion, and an excellent counselor.

I love being at your side, watching your bloom, courage, and ability to teach people with all your talents: drawing, sewing, sports, fighting, studies, outdoor activities, scouting, dancing, crafts, and especially communication.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to choose me as a mother, and I will continue my development to be at your side, forever supporting you in your beautiful life journey. I love you, my daughter.


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