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What to do to be a Wonderful Mother

# 1 Look at the half-full glass

We tend always to see what can be improved in our children, and it blinds us to see the good things they already do. Reinforcing what your son or daughter is doing well encourages them to continue looking to prose your recognition.

# 2 Pay attention to your children’s speech and feedback.

If you use these observations that they make as constructive criticisms, you will be able to see all the best that you can do in your relationship with them. I bet your kids must have tried countless times to tell you what they need to see you as a wonderful mother; you were just too busy to notice.

# 3 Realize your mood and do something to improve it.

Women are significantly influenced by the menstrual cycle, and we live a life full of ups and downs; one day, we want a hug because we are needy; the next, everything makes us cry. Without explanation, there comes a time when we are super euphoric and happy with everything in our life.  How difficult it must be for children to understand us. Who can understand you better than yourself? Get a better sense of your mood and do something about it before you let it interfere with your relationships.

If these strategies make sense to you, put them into practice now and see the positive result that they will cause in your relationship with your children. I have several tools that I developed throughout my coaching career to help you; my mission as Coaching is to help women find balance in their personal and professional lives. How about we talk in person? I can help you create a morning routine that will help you change your life and your relationships.


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