Weekend get away in Colorado for the whole family, including your dog!

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Weekend get away in Colorado for the whole family, including your dog!

Are you looking for something fun to do on the  weekend that would be COVID safe? This trip can be a great option.

The itinerary here includes Great Sand Dunes and Zapatta Falls, located near Alamossa, CO.

We like our get aways not to be stressful, so we left Fort Collins, CO at 10 am on Saturday, drove to Greenwood, CO to have lunch in a tasty seafood restaurant called Pappadeaux. Amazing food and atmosphere.

The idea was to arrive at the Sand Dunes when the sun wasn’t that high. The Dunes are located inside Sand Dunes National Park, so if you have your annual pass for National Parks, don’t forget to bring it, will save you some money.

Pretty close to the main entrance of the park there is a small store where they rent sliding boards, it’s a good idea if you want to add some adventure to your day.

Since this is an official National Park, they have a great visitor center, but it closes at 5 pm.

At the entrance of the dunes they have a parking lot with changing room and an external shower to clean the sand. It was nice arriving at the end of the day because it was easy to find a parking place.

Bring some foldable chairs because it’s nice to sit on the river located next to the parking lot and refresh after a long drive.

The sand is soft and you can walk in bare foot, if you come at the end of the day. It’s a perfect place for a meditation, listen to the wind blowing you can feel the energy of the mountains and the dunes surrounding you.

We walked into the peak and enjoyed the view. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray, even at the end of the day the sun is intense.

The wild life if rich in the area, walking back to the car we even saw a couple of deers. 

After this adventure we went to a hotel located in Alamosa, you have some hotel options that allow dogs like Rodeway Inn and Valley Motel. They have several Mexican restaurants in the area but we decided to try Chilly’s Restaurant, it was nice that it was open until 10pm and we could take a shower before dinner at the hotel to better enjoy the restaurant.

Next morning we went to Zapatta falls, a 45 minute drive from the hotel. There is a dirt road to get to the falls, we read a lot of reviews saying it’s a difficult road but compared to what we have in Brazil, this was a “piece of cake”.

To enjoy the waterfall, you should wear a water-shoe because to get close to the falls you have to walk on the pebbles. The water was freezing, it’s a good idea to bring a small towel to dry your feet afterwards.

It’s worth the walk to get to the falls, the view and the energy is amazing. 

We decided to go back on another route, where we could see closer the mountains, there are a lot of rafting companies operating in this area.

There is a charming city called Buena Vista where we stopped for lunch on a dog friendly place called Simple Eatery Fresh Casual Dining. They do their own fresh bread there, great option for a quality food.

Your dog is welcome in all places, we saw a few of them enjoying a lot. Hope you liked this trip and try it yourself.

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