We can never step in the same river twice – Change x Transformation

We can never step in the same river twice - Change x Transformation
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We can never step in the same river twice – Change x Transformation

Look up “change” in a dictionary. It is described as “to substitute or replace something.” “Transformation,” on the other hand, is defined as “a complete change, usually into something with an improved appearance or usefulness.” There is definitely a lot of similarities.

Change is a response to external influences, where modifying day-to-day action achieves desired results. Transformation is about modifying core beliefs and long-term behaviors—sometimes in profound ways—to achieve the desired results.

CHANGE can be small and incremental, or it can be large and complex. But it is something that needs to be constantly monitored and maintained.

TRANSFORMATION is almost always large and significant. Transformation is a fundamental internal evolution of your beliefs of why you perform certain actions. Transformation may not require any external influence to maintain, but it does require foundational shifts from within. 

The only constant we have in our lives is change; you can never step in the same river twice; change allows us to embrace uncertainty in every moment, but everything you change, if you want, you can be changed back. Now when you transform yourself, you cannot change it back.

By transforming yourself, you can turn darkness into light; you just have to shift your perspective and pursue to become a better person every day, just by looking at things, hearing things, processing things, a little bit different than the way it was before.

We can redefine ourselves every day, redefine our relationships, bodies, emotional state, and spiritual connection if we decide to transform ourselves. I’m on this path and invite you to join me.

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