Unique experience in Campos do Jordao (Brazil)

DATE: 01/11/2021

Taking advantage of my brief visit to Brazil, I would like to share a unique experience with you. How about spending an unforgettable day in the most special mountains of Sao Paulo? The idea is to start the day with a beautiful hike to Pico do Diamante and finish next to a cozy waterfall celebrating with a special picnic.

We will meet at 11 am at Vista Diamante, our family Airbnb cabins, located in the Hotel Toriba region. We’ll park our cars there and once the whole gang is gathered we’ll start our hike to Pico do Diamante.

Pico do Diamante is one of the few places with a wonderful view of seven cities in the Paraíba Valley that remains preserved with all its native nature. We hope to have a great time so that you can admire this wonderful view, if it’s cloudy, let’s venture in the same way. Just the feeling of getting there above the clouds is worth it.


After our well-deserved rest, we will continue the hike, inside the Meyer Pflug family property towards the waterfall. The path is full of native vegetation and several water springs. For those who know, Minalba water comes from this region and is known as one of the most special waters in São Paulo.

Upon arriving at the waterfall, a delicious picnic will be waiting for us to replenish our energy. For those who want to venture out, entering the water is possible, or even slipping into it.

Our adventure will be accompanied by several animals, in addition to pet dogs, there are several native birds to the region, including hawks, for this reason, the neighborhood where we will end the walk is called Gavião Gonzaga.

The family also keeps in their area several animals such as goats, cows, bees, trout, ducks, among others, which will surely entertain the kids.


The idea is to finish the tour at 2 pm, giving the opportunity to anyone who wants to visit the city of Campos do Jordao to do it right after this adventure.

A special day like this is hard to miss, come enjoy with us such an amazing program.

To facilitate access to the site, use this link from Waze as many times other GPSs are not so accurate in this region.

Guidelines on how to get there:

Put in Waze”Hotel Toriba” Campos do Jordão. Arriving at the hotel, you will find a train car: turn right onto Rua do Prof. Pedro Coelho Meyer Pflug, formerly Pico Do Diamante road, uphill, at the beginning of a bumpy asphalt. Follow the signs “Vista Diamante” on this dirt road for 2500 m: you have arrived at your destination. A pink house on your right.

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