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There is no need to be perfect

There is no need to be perfect, but are you a constant striving to be better? That’s all that matters. Perfection is an idea that never manifests ever in our lives. Nobody ever lives perfectly. We can only die perfectly. Because death is always perfect. There is no room for improvement. But the very nature of life is such, it doesn’t matter, how well you do it, still there is room for doing it better. Life is in a constant striving to be better, not is seeking perfection. In seeking perfection, you will become rigid. It is important that you are constant striving because this will allow change. This will allow flexibility, the flexibility of life enables you to be a process of change, a process of growth. It is in constant change and grow that human life finds fulfillment, not in perfection. Perfection is a closed door. Striving to be better is an open door. May your life be an open door to many possibilities.


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