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The Lonely Leader Walk

Many executives and entrepreneurs face a very lonely journey; as they go up in their careers or building their companies, they feel alone in making decisions. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A good reading of the facts is a valuable gift for those who occupy positions of power and are constantly making decisions. Every leader who assumes new responsibilities can and must activate support resources. In real life, as in fiction or mythology, the “hero” always has the company of someone, a master. These tireless partners donate their best to the heroes they serve.

The trust between the “hero” and the “master” grows over time, and it must be cultivated with much responsibility. In this process of building a trusting environment between people, there are three essential items to consider:

1. Affinity of purpose and principles;

2. The “master’s” ability to observe facts without judgment;

3. Sharing other perspectives.

Once trust is present in the relationship, it opens up to what is different and not just what is familiar. A creative force that secures an unprecedented path, even in adversity.

Positive confrontations will arise, but always to remind the “hero” of his journey. The trusted advisor has the role of giving the “heroes” the opportunity for an objective reading of the facts surrounding their destinations. Making good decisions is only possible as one gains the courage to deal with the presented facts.

All leaders know that the quality of decisions is an engagement factor for their followers. Your team’s confidence will grow as you, as a leader, read the facts correctly.

Why not look for a “master” to support you from now on? A trusted advisor is someone who can offer a qualified reflection space. 


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