Terms of use

1. Scope of Coaching Services
1.1 The coaching services provided by Betina Meyer Pflug are focused on personal and professional development. These services are designed to enhance the client’s awareness, efficiency, and personal fulfillment within their professional and personal life.
1.2 Coaching is distinct from advice, therapy, or counseling and may cover specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in the client’s life or profession.
1.3 The coaching relationship is intended to be collaborative, with Betina Meyer Pflug offering support, encouragement, and alternative perspectives throughout the process.
2. Coaching Approach
2.1 The coaching process involves direct and confidential conversations between the coach and the client.
2.2 The client acknowledges that the power of the coaching relationship lies with them and commits to actively participating in the coaching process. If the client believes the coaching is not progressing as desired, they agree to communicate their concerns and take action to rectify the situation.
3. Coaching Methodology
3.1 The coaching work is grounded in three key concepts: Professional Development Cycle, Personal Development, and Behavioral Approach.
3.2 The Development Coaching methodology utilizes goal setting, understanding the client’s reality, exploring options, and developing action plans.
4. Coaching Sessions
4.1 Flexible Session Outline:
         Session 1 – 7-Year Cycle of Life
         Session 2 – True Success and Goal of The Year
         Session 3 – Values
         Session 4 – Mission
         Session 5 – Limiting Beliefs
         Session 6 – Skills Wheel
         Session 7 – Emotional Triggers
         Session 8 – Losses & Gains
         Session 9 – Learn about Different Personalities
         Session 10 – Manage Tasks Like a Pro
         Session 11 – Managing Conflict
         Session 12 – Weekly Review

In recognition of the dynamic nature of personal and executive coaching, it is understood and agreed upon by all parties involved that the outlined sessions and topics are flexible and subject to modification according to the wishes and needs of the client, as well as unforeseen circumstances. The coaching journey is a collaborative effort, and adjustments to the session outline can be made to better address the evolving requirements of the client and the unique situations encountered during the coaching process. This flexibility is designed to ensure that the coaching experience remains tailored and responsive to the client’s goals, fostering a truly personalised and effective coaching journey. The coaches are committed to working in tandem with the client, consistently adapting and refining the session content to maximise its relevance and impact throughout the coaching relationship.

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