The Key to Happiness: How Important Is It to Celebrate Your Wins?

Have you ever stopped and wondered: what have I done today that feels like a small victory? We, as people, have the tendency to enjoy life’s big victories — graduation, a new career path, getting married, or achieving our long-term accomplishments. Although all of this is wonderful, remembering to celebrate the small things that happen […]

How Can Your Morning and Evening Routine Improve Your Life?

Hitting the snooze button a few times, getting out of bed slightly grumpy, and grabbing a coffee on your way out are all familiar habits and feelings we have experienced at least once in our lifetime. We’ve all heard about the magic of developing a routine: how it betters your life, improves your overall satisfaction […]

Journaling Is The Next Step for Your Self-Development Journey

People say that you should start writing down your thoughts and feelings whenever you catch yourself overthinking. You might be surprised to realize that you have a fantastic mental health tool in your hand – journaling. Besides the obvious benefits of journaling, it also implies mindfulness, and it is an ideal way to process your […]

Vision Boards: A Simple Tool For Reaching Your Dreams

Vision boards are the Hollywood portrayal of goals and goal-setting. But, why do regular people use them, and are they truly beneficial? As more and more people focus their attention on creating vision boards as a part of their personal development plan, their usefulness is mainly contingent on your ambition and desire to reach your […]

Live a Meaningful Life and Find Out Your Life Mission

Tom Thiss said: “Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.” The vast majority of us spend our whole lives trying to figure out why we’re here. Some people are unsuccessful, while others are successful. Then there are people who get distracted from their ultimate goal. It does not […]

Reflect on Your Core Values: They Can Become Your Life Compass

Growing up, we are asked to examine our personal values to develop a sense of responsibility and empathy towards what is surrounding us. We are often told that our integrity comes from our fundamental beliefs, therefore leading us to live a better and more self-conscious life. Truth be told, our core values are actually deep-rooted […]

Reflect on Your Skills and Competencies to Achieve Your Goals

Ever since we start going to kindergarten to the moment we first attend a job interview, everyone is questioning us about our relevant skills and competencies. Identifying and acknowledging your abilities might be a secure lead to a lifelong successful path. The first question you need to answer before starting the skills development process is […]


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