The Key to Happiness: How Important Is It to Celebrate Your Wins?

Have you ever stopped and wondered: what have I done today that feels like a small victory? We, as people, have the tendency to enjoy life’s big victories — graduation, a new career path, getting married, or achieving our long-term accomplishments. Although all of this is wonderful, remembering to celebrate the small things that happen […]

How Can Your Morning and Evening Routine Improve Your Life?

Hitting the snooze button a few times, getting out of bed slightly grumpy, and grabbing a coffee on your way out are all familiar habits and feelings we have experienced at least once in our lifetime. We’ve all heard about the magic of developing a routine: how it betters your life, improves your overall satisfaction […]

Reflect on Your Skills and Competencies to Achieve Your Goals

Ever since we start going to kindergarten to the moment we first attend a job interview, everyone is questioning us about our relevant skills and competencies. Identifying and acknowledging your abilities might be a secure lead to a lifelong successful path. The first question you need to answer before starting the skills development process is […]


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