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Speak up, we can’t afford to be silent anymore

We’ve been inducted into a culture that would have us dismiss our own voice. But what happens if the human voice gets shut down? The voice is in each of us; we need to be heard. So we have to do everything we can to ensure women’s voices are heard and also to inspire other women.

The idea of putting ourselves out there in a way that we’re subjecting ourselves and making ourselves vulnerable to others doesn’t feel very good. People fear public speaking in general because they’re subconsciously afraid that they might say something wrong and others will judge them. So, they tend to stay quiet as a survival instinct to protect themselves from criticism.

Public speaking is an important skill for career prospects and leadership positions, but many people tend to avoid it. 

During our Podcast conversation, here’s what you will learn:

  • Why women speakers are so needed right now
  • What is the Program She Speaks?
  • Why women are less likely to speak up in public than men
  • How can we get out and speak on stage all around the world?
  • Why should we develop public speaking skills?
  • The difference between an inspirational and transformational speaker 
  • How does Authenticity sometimes impact your credibility
  • How can you test to see if Transformational Games are a good fit for you? 
  • What’s one way you know you’re meant to be on bigger stages?
  • Tips on how to confidently speak up in public


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