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Small Nonprofits, Big Impact

Break barriers and build capacity with technology

As we look across the global landscape of tens of thousands of nonprofits, each year we see more and more small organizations implementing new ways to make a bigger impact. Many are evolving in reaction to new community needs, government policy change, or a funding shift. Others are completely rethinking their strategy and use of the latest advances in technology.

What do we mean by small? On this Podcast, we are talking about CRM implementation for organizations with less than 75 employees. These small but mighty groups represent the vast majority of nonprofits and a big portion of our collective impact in the world.

In this Podcast, I’ll dig into how these organizations are leveraging technology to move beyond the barriers that have held nonprofits back in the past. I will explain all the areas of the package called NPSP (nonprofit success pack) offered by Salesforce.org.

Today, many nonprofits need a CRM to help them get out of the silos, we are going to explain step by step what needs to be done together.

If you consider your organization small but have a dream to make a huge impact, this Podcast is for you.

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