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She Goes High

In this episode, we interview the founders of the networking group called She Goes High.

This is not your average networking group – we are women rising together! We believe there is unlimited space in the sky, and that everyone benefits when we lift each other up.

Located in Northern Colorado, we educate and support professional women to do work they love, increase their income, connect with their purpose, advocate for themselves, and find happiness in and out of the office.


What makes us different?

• She Goes High was created by introverts, for introverts (the extroverts show up anyway)! We meet you where you’re at – whether that’s full participation or sitting quietly in a corner to observe from afar. And we’ll never ask you to give an elevator pitch!

• She Goes High is focused on business and personal growth! From marketing to mental health, we work hard to deliver topics that help women elevate all areas of their lives – because you are more than just your career or business!

• She Goes High strives for relationships, not transactions. We believe building a community is the best way to build ourselves. We’re not the kind of group that blindly passes out business cards – we’re the kind of group who gets to know you in all your beautiful uniqueness.

• She Goes High encourages you to show up as you are! Whether you’re on top of the world or you broke down in tears a few minutes ago, we’re here for all of it. In this community, you’ll never have to “put your game face on” or pretend to smile – we value authenticity.

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