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We’re revamping our Meetup group called Salesforce Top Performers with a new co-admin who has a lot to share. His name is Josh Matthews; he is an expert in the Salesforce ecosystem. Together we will offer every month, in an online meeting, with new content of the highest quality. I suggest you sign up for our next event on July 7, tell your friends who also work with this platform to learn together how to differentiate yourself in this Ecosystem.

This group aims to bring together professionals in the field to share knowledge about the Salesforce.com platform and how to navigate your career within this expertise. As you know, Salesforce is growing very fast, so there are many job opportunities for everyone. The beauty of this is that anyone who wants to learn about this unique technology can enter this segment, our goal to help you choose the best path for continued growth.

See the details of the next event at this link: https://www.meetup.com/SalesforceTopPerformers/events/278558858


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