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Putting Aside the Seriousness

Things tend to be so rigid and serious all the time, this can be useful when we are motivated and have a goal in mind, but ideally, we should put aside the seriousness in your life. Reflect on your life, maybe you’re taking everything too seriously, yet things haven’t changed the way you wanted, needed, or expected. 

Being so serious can affect your relationships, your professional area, and even your personal growth. As a great wise man used to say, “nothing goes away until you teach us what we need to know.” In reality, nothing goes away if we try to take it very seriously, focused exclusively on perfectionism.

Release your seriousness or pursuit of perfection to fix or change things in your life. Maybe you’re judging yourself too much? Are your expectations too high? Or are certain things not according to what you need? It’s all right.

You may be feeling frustrated, and when we don’t solve the cause of frustration, it tends to turn into self-judgment, or we end up judging another person. If you look closely, probably feeling guilty is triggering your seriousness.

Humor dissolves all these problems, and seriousness is the glue that keeps all these problems in your life.

How about letting go a little bit, taking life more lightly? Forgive yourself for being so serious so far; there’s always time for us to change. If you do this,  you will feel relieved; without that weight on your shoulders,  you will smile more and enjoy life differently.

Give others room to be themselves,  without judgment on your part.  Explore your playful side; this will bring you more awareness, a unique sense of acceptance and happiness. Remember that we’re not just here to achieve goals and that we don’t always have to accomplish something; sometimes, we need to accept and be present in the lives of the people we love. Thank yourself for investing time by reading something that can change your perspective; start the change in yourself and see the result in your relationships.


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