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Put the Compound Effect to Work for You

  • Kickstart your day, every workday, 260 days a year as you continue to pursue #bettereveryday 
  • Write out a few excuses you might be clinging to (e.g., not smart enough, no experience, wrong upbringing, don’t have the education, etc.). Decide to make up in hard work and personal development to outcompete anyone – including your old self.
  • Write out a half-dozen small, seemingly inconsequential steps you can take every day that can move your life in a completely new and positive direction.
  • Write down the small seemingly inconsequential actions you can stop doing that might be compounding your results downward.
  • List a few areas, skills, or outcomes where you have been most successful in the past. Consider wherever you could be taking those for granted and not continuing to improve, which could lead to future failure.


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