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Public Speaking – An Essential Skill For Nonprofit Professionals

I recently saw a fantastic presentation from the director of development for the Special Olympics in Colorado. presentation, I question myself, what are all the nonprofit professionals who speak like her in public with the ability to adapt a speech for the audience with confidence, saying a big breakthrough tells storytelling, keeping short and sweet, able to modulate to avoid engaging the audience and above all being yourself.  

Jan Radnoti is the director of development for the Special Olympics in Colorado. She has more than 14 years on her belt working with Special Olympics in California and Colorado. She primarily works with law enforcement agencies throughout the state in raising awareness and fundraising for over 15,500 Special Olympics, Colorado athletes. 


There’s so many different goals that she has, when she publicly speaks, it isn’t making the sale every time, it’s planting that seed. That’s really what it’s about. If you can really focus on the passion that you have for the nonprofit you work for, that passion should help you get over that self-criticism. Because all you are, you are a messenger for your nonprofit. 


During today’s conversation, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Career Paths on Non-Profits
  • Public Speaking
  • Principles of Public Speaking
  • Adapting and Storytelling
  • How to adapt speech to the audience with confidence
  • How to engage the audience


Betina Meyer Pflug, our host, is an entrepreneur, a business and life coach, a marketing and CRM specialist with a passion for supporting nonprofit professionals. She has a degree in hotel management, received her MBA from Rotman School in Canada, and has completed three different coaching certifications, including a specialization in facilitating nonprofits, life coaching, and biopsychology to promote positive mental attitudes for mental and physical wellbeing. If you want to know more about her work, visit the website https://wity.tech/nonprofits/ and schedule a quick call if you are interested in having a mentor.

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