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Relational Intelligence Workshop

Interpersonal Skills for Leaders


“The current world needs professionals who know how to relate and deal with different styles of people, who want to express themselves freely and act collaboratively.” 

For nearly 20 years, we have been investigating human differences, as many other scholars have done. However, our specific interest has been to understand the individual and the dynamics of relationships and the development of Relational intelligence.

Tested during hundreds of coaching sessions, team building activities, and carried out with clients, Triads has built a Method that has improved the relationships between leaders and subordinates. This Traids Method, applied in many from fortune’s companies, helped develop highly efficient teams, making many leaders, coaches and consultants live’ much more fulfilled.

His creator submitted this Triads Method under a Ph.D. program at the University of Manchester for the past seven years.  The results confirm, along with other researches, that the expansion of self-awareness brings a significant improvement in the quality of relationships. In the Triads Method, this change is developed by understanding the differences in the five human archetypes, which has allowed a more inclusive and collaborative look at relationships.

The Triads Method was born to stimulate new ways of understanding and dealing with the diversity of types in a relationship for the formation of engaging leaders and collaborative teams, based on three essential pillars:

  • Increase the self-awareness of leaders and team members
  • Understand and include the diversity of talents in their individual expressions
  • Transform the professional relationship into a collaborative and growth encounter

In this brief workshop, we intend to talk a bit about the fundamentals of the Triads Method and its pillars, bringing a new and straightforward look at human relationships and the importance of Relational Intelligence today. 





4 hours

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