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What is Systemic Family Constellation?

The family constellation method helps you stop repeating life patterns by healing ancestral trauma.
Sometimes we can be caring about traumas and life patterns in loyalty to our ancestors. Family Constellation helps to see what is behind repeated behavior.

It is a technique to reveal and heal unhealthy life patterns, often started with an ancestors initial disruption, such as abortion, depression, alcoholism, abuse, war trauma, phobias, exclusion. It
follows the Epigenetic principles, traumas we carry in our DNA.

How does the process work?
It’s like finding the missing piece; the goal is to bring order to your family system and healthily honor the disrupted ancestor. Everybody deserves a place in the family system, even the banned ones.
When someone is hidden, forgotten, or excluded, we will have a blind loyalty showing up in a later generation, and we will healthily honor them.

The Systemic Family Constellation that I offer is embedded inside one of my coaching sessions; it usually takes one hour to 90 minutes. We start with a conversation about the topic you want more clarity on. Then, we use little dolls, like playmobile (if you were born before 1975, you know what I’m talking about) to represent the situation. It’s like seeing the situation from an outside perspective.

Hidden family issues or events may create imbalance or disharmony in the family “field” and these disturbances frequently lead to illness, depression, suicides, relationship difficulties, accidents, or career problems in the present. We discover the nature of these hidden dynamics by setting up constellations using representatives to stand in the place of your systemic elements. These elements may be living or dead family members, other people with whom we are in a relationship, problems,
symptoms, or diseases. Thus, a constellation provides a “living map” of key impactful issues.

After a brief discussion of the issue, you will be asked questions about your family structure and significant historical events experienced by previous generations. We will do a quick meditation to focus on your Family Tree lineage. You will then be asked to choose figurines to represent certain family members. You will place them on the desk deliberately, without overthinking – this is called Family Constellations Set up.

From there, the coach will begin the collaborative and intuitive process. It should be noted that something profound happens here. Looking at your family structure from a distance and watching how things change as the figures are moved to invoke deep inner feelings. These are relieved quickly by the use of healing sentences. You will know when the process ends; you will feel it and have the understanding of what you came searching for. A constellation session leads you towards the restoration of balance, order, and harmony. It brings serious family issues to life while providing healing for LONG-STANDING generational problems.

Why did I decide to include this technique in your coaching practice?

I saw many of my clients struggling with serious life issues, including health problems, depression or anxiety, living on a chronic “survival mode” painful relationship patterns, or even career challenges—also, couples wanting to create healthy and satisfying relationships.The first time I experienced a Systemic Family Constellation session, I was highly impressed. Even more with the following changes in my life. I have participated in several sessions to heal some of my own problems; like a complex relationship between my siblings, an uncle with schizophrenia that lives in Switzerland, and a miscarriage that I had, and this has brought me so much peace and clarity that I
decided to invest more on learn how I could help other with this technique.

I was trained by a fantastic professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field who lives in Brazil. She learned directly from the founder of this technique Dr. Bert Hellinger.

I have participated and facilitated several hours of constellations at this point, each one very special, profound, powerful, and gratifying. So, for all those desiring more love and connection in their lives
and relationship and those who want a greater understanding of life’s most profound questions, this type of coaching session is precisely for you.

This technique had opened me to concepts of healing you didn’t know existed. It’s incredible seeing how much clarity this brings to my clients.

Who was the creator of the Systemic Family Constellation Technique?

Bert Hellinger was the creator of the Systemic Family Constellation; he studied psychotherapy, philosophy, and theology in Germany. At the age of 20, he entered a Catholic order and spent 16 years in South Africa as a missionary to the Zulu. With time he came to feel as much at home with the Zulu as is possible for a European. The process of leaving one culture to live in another sharpened his awareness of the relativity of many cultural values. The Zulus introduced a way of working with groups that valued dialogue, phenomenology, and individual human experience. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy were to be the subsequent significant influence.

He has created a uniquely compelling healing approach in the gathering of powerful approaches from psychotherapy and other paradigms. Hellinger realized that the individual is not an isolated being; this says that each person has a family system, and this system is directly linked to the events of his life. Seeing ‵what is′ as opposed to blindly accepting what is being said – no matter by whom – is the secret of healing work. Bert published many books and taught his technique aside with Sophie Hellinger. Bert died recently in September 2019. His wife, Sophie, currently manages his institute and still leads training.

Who Might Benefit from this type of coaching?

Like I was explaining before, the Systemic Family Constellation allows you to look at how events that occurred in past generations impact your life experience in the present. It is most effective for those
who can trust that solutions may be simple and happen in a short period- as if stepping from shadow into light. Once we find ease with life as it came to us, we can begin to shape the life that comes through us. I can tell you some of the reasons clients come work with me.

  •  Relationships: people who struggle with a particular pattern or a particular person in the relationship are usually desperate for a change.
  • Emotions: people who get stuck in particular emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, grief, or anger. Typically this impacts their lives for years. Or perhaps they can’t feel certain things such as love, trust, or safety. They know intuitively that it’s missing from their life, and they want it.
  • Money & Success: people who flounder through life, failing with money, struggling to keep their business above water, or slaving away in jobs they hate.
  • Self-Love: people who are hurting inside; they’ve never known self-love & self-compassion—sometimes caring heavy feelings of shame, unworthiness, and unlovability.
  • Support: people who struggle to be supported in life can’t get the help they need. Sometimes it is difficult asking for support, and when they do, they’re usually let down.

This type of coaching session allows me to translate what is obscure and to put the puzzles together to see the big picture.

What is its primary purpose Family Constellation Work?

We’re energetic beings; we’re Body, Mind & Spirit. When we need to heal our painful patterns, we need to heal at all three of these levels. We have many tools to heal the mind, such as psychotherapy. We have tools to heal the body, such as massage & yoga. We’ve lost many ways of healing the Soul. In the old days, we would turn to shamans, healers, medicine men, women, or sacred substances. First, they would guide us to just the Spiritual healing we needed. Then, they would prescribe some soul medicine like being held, medicinal plants, vision quests, or even sitting with the fire. Systemic Family Constellation works to heals at the Soul level. It heals the energetics of these wounds. This is distinctly different from healing the mind and body, and it’s a necessary third of what we are. So if you’ve been struggling for years with particular issues like the ones mentioned before, and you’ve tried conventional methods of healing, and you’re still struggling, you may have finally found another option here.

What are the main pillars of Systemic Family Constellation?

This process has three main pillars: Belonging, Hierarchy & Balance.
In Bert’s understanding, the family system is governed by three laws:

The Belonging – Everyone has the right to belong;

The Hierarchy – Those who came before takes precedence over those who came after;

The Balance – The proportionality between giving and receiving.

When one or more of these laws are disrespected, consciously or unconsciously, the flow is interrupted. As a result, some challenges can appear in our practical life-impacting several aspects such as health, finance, and relationships.

The purpose of performing a Systemic Family Constellation is to bring awareness and the restoration of the flow, which leads to healing. And in a certain way, it subtly reorganizes the individuals energy field, and of course, considering all those we call ancestors. But, subtly, I say, by not requiring direct action, the mere fact of bringing to consciousness and opening up to the healing process is enough to manifest itself.

In addition to a method, the Systemic Family Constellation reveals natural wisdom that can lead us to a state of fullness and fulfillment.

How to prepare for the process?

It is oriented to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the process, as water is the driver of cleaning and purification. Seek to arrive at the session with an open heart, allowing the greater intelligence to act to reorganize what needs to be reorganized. In addition, having an open mind to the process helps you have more assertiveness and agility at work. Having clarity of the theme (area, situation, people involved, etc.) to direct the work can help you succeed. Still, if you do not know exactly what you want from the Systemic Family Constellation process, participate and allow yourself to be shown what needs to be seen since nothing is by chance; everything has a reason.

What happens after the Constellation?

This process acts subtly; it is necessary to be attentive while avoiding the rational because the process is felt and not understood mentally. Work can reverberate in your field in the long run, and you surely will notice changes in your own feelings, the people, and the situations around you. For sure, it’s not a miracle or magic that happens in your life. Each person will experience something different; as I explained before, we must deal with issues at the level of Spirit/Soul in addition to healing our bodies and minds. The Systemic Family Constellations can help with that. This technique changed the lives of many people, and they might change yours too. Is it worth a try?

“Behind me are all my ancestors giving me strength.
Life passed through them until it came to me.
And in honor of them, I will live it fully.”

(Bert Hellinger)




60 minutes

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