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Why is your image so important?

Life is way too short not to get really connected with yourself and your purpose and what you’re meant to reflect to others, and that happens with your clothes. Whether you think it is shallow or not, it is a fact that within three seconds, people form an opinion of others based just upon what they are wearing. So, why not make sure you are reflecting the best version of you.

Is this the right time to invest in my self?
The goal of my Fashion coaching is to help clients grow in confidence and develop positive body-image, so that they can feel good when they look in the mirror. We believe that when you get the inside right, then the outside will fall into place.

I’m is not just a personal shopper or fashion educator. I’m an enthusiastic executive coach and mentor who wants to arm my clients with an understanding of their personal style and a working command of how to shop for and dress their body type for the results they want, thus removing any dependence on me and empowering them with self-awareness, confidence and style.

I had clients start businesses, end — and begin — relationships, lose weight, change professions and even start a nonprofit, among other transformational experiences. Change can happen more subtly, but it feels just as rejuvenating. Fashion coaching isn’t the only way, but it is one avenue, normally my clients choose to do those type of sessions after they finish a three-month coaching program and we use the Fashion coaching session to wrap up with something special. But if you prefer to start with getting really in tune with your own style this can help you figure out who you really are, your true passion and mission even.

It’s so cool what unfolds. It’s like peeling back the layers of the onion to figure out who we are on the inside, and that person changes.

What can I help you with?
• Showcase your personality through clothing.
• Define a style that is in line with your lifestyle.
• Narrow down what styles, cuts, fabrics and accessories suit your body shape.
• Identify what colors suit you and which to steer clear of.
• Freshen up your look.
Is this type of coaching for me?

If you say yeas to any of those questions, this is the right program for you:
• I don’t know how to choose clothing that flatters me.
• My wardrobe is overflowing yet I feel like I never have anything to wear.
• I’m fashionably challenged and need help putting outfits together.
• I’m a time poor career woman who needs a personal shopper.
• I’m a Mother who doesn’t have time to get ready and finds it hard to feel beautiful in sweatpants all day.
• I don’t have time to think about my outfit every morning.




3 sessions of 150 min

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