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Triads Test is a self-awareness instrument that will bring you insight providing you with a new understanding of life and your relationships with individuals, groups, and organizations. Triads Method is based on the idea that every person has a purpose in life, a unique story, and a way of being. This test can help you to expand your awareness and to bring you a new perspective on who you are and how to act in the world.

In the past, in a technical, autocratic world full of rules, professionals were evaluated by their Logical Intelligence (IQ). In the 1990s, with the need to transform managers into leaders of people, professionals who knew how to manage pressures and their own emotions were also valued, integrating Emotional Intelligence into the assessments. Today, we need engaging leaders who develop collaborative teams with professionals who express themselves more freely and with autonomy. In addition to the IQ and the EQ, leaders must develop social skills (Relational Intelligence) to manage the diversity of professional thoughts and talents.

Relational Intelligence is the ability of individuals to interact with different styles of people. It includes skills such as self-awareness, the ability to listen and empathize with the other, an understanding of the diversity of human styles and their different perspectives, and the ability to resonate with the other.

Triads developed a method that expands the Relational Intelligence of leaders, and that promotes, in a simple way, a significant improvement in the relationships between leaders and their teams, as well as among the members of their teams, allowing the appreciation of the complementarity and the formation of high yield teams.

The Triads Method is based on three basic principles, supported by most current research on management and leadership models.

  • Self-awareness
    It is the perception that you have about your behavior, strengths, weaknesses, values, and their impact on others, as well as perceiving how others see you.
  • Diversity
    Nature’s strength and resilience are complementary. Recognizing each individual’s innate potential is essential to building teams better prepared to live in the current context.
  • Relationships
    The greatest challenge of our time is to have robust, transparent, productive, and truly human dialogues in organizations.

After filling up the questionnaire, which doesn’t take more than 20-minutes, you will receive a full report in your email.




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