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Pirate Radio 93.5 FM Interview – Systemic Family Constellation

The family constellation method helps you stop repeating life patterns by healing ancestral trauma. Sometimes we can be caring about traumas and life patterns in loyalty to our ancestors. Family Constellation helps to see what is behind repeated behavior.

It is a technique to reveal and heal unhealthy life patterns, often started with an ancestor’s initial disruption, such as abortion, depression, alcoholism, abuse, war trauma, phobias, exclusion. It follows the Epigenetic principles, traumas we carry in our DNA.

I saw many of my clients struggling with serious life issues, including health problems, depression or anxiety, living on a chronic “survival mode,” painful relationship patterns, or even career challenges—also, couples wanting to create healthy and satisfying relationships.

The first time I experienced a Systemic Family Constellation session, I was highly impressed. Even more with the following changes in my life. I have participated in several sessions to heal some of my own problems, and this has brought me so much peace and clarity that I decided to invest more on learn how I could help others with this technique.

I was trained by a fantastic professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field who lives in Brazil. She learned directly from the founder of this technique Dr. Bert Hellinger.

I have participated and facilitated several hours of constellations at this point, each one very special, profound, powerful, and gratifying. So, for all those desiring more love and connection in their lives and relationship and those who want a greater understanding of life’s most profound questions, this type of coaching session is precisely for you.

This technique had opened me to concepts of healing you didn’t know existed. It’s incredible seeing how much clarity this brings to my clients.

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