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Pain + Reflection + Gratitude = GROWTH

If we can’t let go of the past with gratitude, we can’t heal it. Indeed, we should always be in the present moment, but sometimes you can be pullet to the past, like gravity, this pulling sensation will always be on us if we cont cure that situation.

Find something in our past. Maybe a feeling of anger, a loss, confusion about something, a situation that’s keeping you from being in this moment. Can you have gratitude for something like that? Allow yourself to recognize that one of the most beautiful things about being a human is our ability to have memories. Or you instead prefer to have some Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Have gratitude for your ability to remember things, appreciation for what happened with you in the past. Gratitude can be the healing balm. Pay attention; probably, there’s a lesson from this memory. This memory probably is trying to teach you something that you have to perceive yet. 

Use this equation to solve your problem: pain + reflection + gratitude = growth


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