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Now I believe in dreams.

Now I believe in dreams. A few weeks ago I dreamed with my dad, and he asked me to help a person that was part of our life since I was a kid, he was the son of a good family friend. When my father was alive he hired this young boy to help him take care of his orchids and though everything he knew about orchids to this young boy. In my dream my father asked me to help this man. I did a research and found him on Facebook, got his phone number and called him. I mentioned about my dream, and he said he dreamed also with my father that same week, and my father told him he liked him very much and was happy that he continued in this field of business. After a few words I discovered that this man was feeling lost, recently divorced, living on his daughter’s house and unemployed. I decided to give him one of my coaching sessions where I work Startegic Planing, it was the only idea that came up on my mind. A few days later we did the session and we came up with a plan to get him out of depression and pursue his dreams. But after a few days I questioned my self if this was what he needed. After a week I called him to follow up on the tasks we have agreed and he said: “ I found a job! I’m so happy, you gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to move forward, and the first day I went out my daughter’s house to execute my tasks, I found a job. Thank you so much!”. I was so impressed, how can a simple phone call and a 2 hour coaching session change a life like that. Now I know, that I will need to pay more attention to my dreams and follow my intuition. I want to keep helping transform lives like that.


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