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Marketing Systems to Ensures Predictable Growth

If you are looking to improve your sales and marketing results without paying for expensive ads, this podcast is for you. There are four critical proven marketing systems for successful business growth. 


Reputation, Resell, Retarget and Reach.


These are no secrets like you may have heard already. These are proven systems and the key success formula for consistent business growth. Chances are, you are already implementing some of these systems but not consistently or fully executing all the necessary steps. 


In our podcast Wisdom Woman, we like to support entrepreneurs to thrive, that’s why we invited the CEO and founder of DaDigital Sense.


During today’s conversation, here’s what you will learn:

  • The four proven marketing systems ensure predictable growth for your business. 
  • Your Google Business Profile is the most powerful, yet under-utilized driver for your local business.
  • Consistency is key in any marketing strategy. To be consistent, you need to automate the process.
  • The Revenue is in the follow-up. To follow up consistently you need to automate the process.


Betina Meyer Pflug, our host is an entrepreneur, a business and life coach, a marketing and CRM specialist with a passion for supporting nonprofit professionals. She has a degree in hotel management, received her MBA from Rotman School in Canada, and has completed three different coaching certifications, including a specialization in facilitating nonprofits, life coaching, and biopsychology to promote positive mental attitudes for mental and physical wellbeing. 


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Here is how to get in touch with the speaker:

Email: Abigail@DaDigitalSense.com

Organization: DaDigitalSense Marketing

Website: www.dadigitalsense.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abigail-ogbe/


Abigail started her career as an Environmental Protection Specialist but has always been drawn to entrepreneurship. She obtained her master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, 26 years ago and worked for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for 14yrs before leaving to focus on business. 


Abigail found her passion in marketing after she bought a franchise and was forced to do the marketing to save her franchise from failing. It was incredibly challenging but her passion to succeed led her to dive in and discover predictable patterns for business growth. 


She grew the franchise to be top 25 in market growth nationwide in her 3rd year of owning the franchise, before selling it. Abigail now helps other small business owner’s grow their business with four proven marketing systems that we are going to deep dive today.


HIPAA Certified digital marketer


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