Learn More About Digital Nutrition and Healadvisor App

Learn More About Digital Nutrition and Healadvisor App

Do you have a Healy device and not using it on it’s totality?
Learn more about Digital Nutrition and HealAdvisor with Kenneth Close, an expert in the field and unleash your power.

This will be a live event with a special professional taking a walk through the purpose, function, and benefits of the Healy Digital Nutrition Module. We will also dive into the inner workings and features of the HealAdvisor Application.

Ken Close, CEE


Ken Close retired as an instructor a little over 5 years ago to pursue a greater passion for improving Personal Performance through Nutrition, Mindset, Consciousness, and Epi-Genetic Expression. He has studied under great thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Gray, Gregg Braden, Dawson Church, Michael Colgan, and many others over the past 12 years and has extended his understanding of the information field, quantum entanglement, neuroscience, epigenetics as well as the power of focused thought. A great public speaker and coach, he works one on one and with groups to teach and help discover patterns that no longer serve one’s needs and alter their influence. At this event he will guide us on: - What is the digital nutrition app - How to use it - How to use HealAdvisor - Answer any questions you might have Save the date March 30th from 6:30 until 8:30, two hours that can change your perspective about Healy and all it can make to help you perform better in your life. Believe you can unlock our Divine Power at any age using the gifts we already have, you just have to open yourself, be humble, and learn new perspectives. See you next week! Here are the link for you to enroll Facebook Link: click here Youtube: click here