In life, it is important to have a goal

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In life, it is important to have a goal

In life, it is important to have a goal and keep moving toward it. Discovering your true purpose is to plan your life accordingly, even if you can’t always see the goal clearly; because when you go down a valley, or when the path is winding, you sometimes can’t see ahead of the next bend.  You will notice that from time to time you will have an exciting spiritual experience that will support you through the difficult passages and make it possible for you to move on, whatever happens.  Aim high, the higher the better. Then you will have to keep going, growing and expanding to get there.  You cannot settle and feel satisfied; you can never remain static.  Carry on to the next step of your life, each step will bring you closer to your goal, no matter how far it may be.  Go ahead, never give up!

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