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High Expectations

Whatever your team consists of vendors, contractors or employees, or even your own family members, spend time and energy creating a high-performing team. Instead of setting high expectations and creating agreements, you can do the best way to support your team. Here is some other thing you can implement to help them:

Personalized Leadership 

Get to know your team and provide what they need to be successful. Understand what motivates them, how to win with them, and preferred communication styles. You can use tools such as Hallos Relational Intelligence for insights. 

Connect Expectations to Big Picture 

Ensure each person understands the “why” behind what they do. Having a personal connection to the mission and vision of your organization helps their commitment level.

Share What Success Looks Like 

Paint a picture of what the result of their work look would look like. What impact will it have on the organization or in your family? Share the specifics of what needs to be done versus how they need to get it done. This allows them to own the work and be creative.

Measurable Standard 

Include measures and specific quality standards you expect and agree on what is possible to be delivered.


Brainstorm challenges and obstacles that might get in the way of meeting agreements. Explain resource is available to complete their work.

Feedback and Conversation 

Allow for open feedback and communication about progress through the task. Be sure to celebrate learning moments and success.

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