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Have you heard about Healy?

Healy is a divide that helps to harmonize organs, mental health state, emotional and soul health, and the security and enhancement of cells. Healy provides you tailored insights into chakra learning, meridians, alleviated pain, assisted and sponsored purification, and a cleansed body, mind, and soul.

The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells, each requiring healthy cell voltage to stay alive. Quantum physics teaches us there’s no difference between energy and matter. Therefore, we are nothing but energy. Quantum physics teaches us everything within us is the result of motion-creating resonance. The resonance is essential to understanding how subtle energy directs and maintains health and wellness in human beings.

For many years, Marcus Schmieke, the inventor of Healy, had been thinking about letting everyone benefit from the TimeWaver technology’s possibilities compactly and simply. He had in mind a device that everyone could use every day, something compact, simple, and practical. A little companion that watches over our health can help in an innovative way to prevent problems and support healing.

Imagine a portable wearable technology designed for total health, inside and out, to assist with energetic imbalances by directing cell communication and increasing cellular energy (ATP) by 500%. By doing so, we can bring the body back to homeostasis (balance). Our cells continuously communicate through resonant frequency, much like tuning to the precise channel on your radio or TV. The difference in tuning the station to 102.3 or 102.4 is the difference in a clear signal vs. static (signal disruptor). The magic is in the resonance.

Like anything, your cells act as transmitters and receivers. How your cells transmit and receive, communication is imperative and can directly impact your health through their signal calling. In the same way, you can disrupt a good signal through a low unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, etc., you can intentionally disrupt a bad signal (symptomatic poor health). Focusing on healthy frequency communication between cell function can impact your health, vitality, and your brain in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

Bioresonance therapy is based on notions that (a) every cell in the body has its electromagnetic frequency and that (b) diseases can be cured by correcting abnormal frequencies by various means. I recommend you investigate more about this device. I’m using it every day with my coaching clients and my family and seeing excellent results. If you are interested, I can share some videos with you and explain how to purchase them. This divide is made in Germany, by the way.

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