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Happy Birthday Jane Goodall – 87 Years of Hope

Happy Birthday Jane Goodall – 87 Years of HopeToday she is 87 years old, and I celebrate the inspiration she has given me in my life to love animals and act for them. If we work in an organized way, we can influence people and teach them about the impact of our actions on nature and the environment. That is why I am so involved in helping NGOs to be more structured and creative.

The first time in my life when I held a chimp in my lap I was seven years old and the second time I was 19 years old, as you can see in this photo. The first time, I was unaware of how harmful it was for those animals to live in a circus and be exploited by humans. The second time, it was like a click for me; I knew that I also needed to do something to help them. That’s when I started volunteering by helping animal protection NGOs, inspired by Jane and my parents. My father was also a philanthropist, he created a fantastic project called SOS Orchids in order to protect the environment, and my mother was always rescuing street animals from Brazil.

Being the owner of a marketing agency, I was able to share my knowledge helping several NGOs in Brazil with fundraising strategies. When I moved to the USA 5 years ago, I decided to work 100% with non-profit organizations. I supported several organizations in implementing Salesforce and then decided to take a turn again. I decided to work as Life and Executive Coach, using all my knowledge to better train NGO professionals, with my new activity I will be able to generate enough money to create my own foundation. With cash on hand, I intend to make a BIG IMPACT like Jane and work 100% with philanthropy in the future.

I am committed to my goal and I know the responsibility that is in my hands. If you decide to invest in coaching, talk to me; you can be sure that there is a NOBLE CAUSE behind my career.

I was very happy when I saw Jane Goodall as one of the keynote speakers at the # SalesforceSummit2021 event that took place this week. This event is in line with everything I love; technology, marketing ideas and philanthropy. I learned even more from Jane, that we should inspire people to have HOPE, because with hope we can motivate them to generate ACTION, and with actions, we can make a difference in the world. Technology can play an essential role in conservation because it allows for communication and transparency. Technology can also be used in a harmful way; it all depends on us to use it ethically and responsibly.

Disrespect for animals has helped to create an imbalance in the environment and consequently this pandemic situation. We must act with compassion and respect for our animals and the environment; this is the core of our existence. We all have a role and an impact on the world. If you want to do your part, make ethical choices when buying (even when choosing for a coach!), Always thinking about whether or not your actions are harming the environment. This will help to prevent climate change and loss of biodiversity. Choosing wisely, finding hope in your heart, I am sure that together we can become a more responsible community living on this planet.

Another great piece of advice from Jane Goodall was to treat people, always keeping in mind that our goal should be to make them smile. Do you think you can do this every day?


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