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Food as Medicine

Nowadays, we live with the advancement of numerous chronic and degenerative diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, obesity and dozens of other diseases.  We never seem to get sicker than we are now.  Conventional medicine and pharmaceutical laboratories are much more occupied with investing resources to produce and using medicines to fight diseases than properly preventing illnesses and promoting the maintenance of health.


In this podcast, we’ll be talking to a functional nutritionist who brings a basic approach to the treatment of diseases and expands the dimension of health beyond the human body, also encompassing harmony with nature and the planet we inhabit.


Heidi Price Is a functional nutrition coach that I admire a lot, due to her capacity of self-learning. She has spent over 30 years believing that she will never be free of the pain plagued on her, but she discovered in her healing journey how using food as medicine, how to manage her stress levels and also learned how to listen to her body. Equipped with all this knowledge she was able to turn around her life and is helping innumerous people to do the same. I choose her to take care of my daughter’s health and myself as well, because I trust on her work.


Today we are going to cover an important topic: How to use Food as Medicine. Here’s what you will learn:

  • The impacts of antibiotics in our bodies
  • Mindfulness eating
  • What is functional nutrition
  • The benefits of a personalized nutrition program
  • The benefits of Probiotics
  • How to prepare and use sprouts 
  • How to manage sugar addiction
  • How to use healthy fats instead
  • The benefits of alkaline water
  • Ideas to better live with TMJ
  • Using green juice and smoothies in your diet
  • How to better storage our food

Betina Meyer Pflug is an entrepreneur, a business and life coach, a marketing and CRM specialist with a passion for supporting nonprofit professionals. She has a degree in hotel management, received her MBA from Rotman School in Canada, and has completed three different coaching certifications, including a specialization in facilitating nonprofits, life coaching, and biopsychology to promote positive mental attitudes for mental and physical wellbeing. If you want to know more about her work, visit the website awyzrz.wity.tech and schedule a quick call if you are interested in having a mentor.


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