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Flower arrangement made with love

Have you heard of IKEBANAS? I learned this ancient art from a teacher called Cindy Kumegai in Brazil and continued my learning here in the USA with another teacher named Marcia Valadares. Kado Sanguetsu was established as ikebana academy in 1971, based on the studies and philosophical essays conducted by Mokiti Okada in the 1940s. The Master always preached the formation of paradise through flowers, saying that the flower has the power to eliminate negative thoughts. Therefore, it was essential to adorn with flowers all the places where people gathered. 

The Tea Ceremony House inspired the name Sanguetsu, built by Mokiti Okada, in the city of Hakone – Japan, called “Sanguetsu An.” “San” means Mountain “Guetsu” means Moon “An” is the denomination for the house of the Tea Ceremony. It is a reference to the image of the Moon rising behind the mountains. Based on this philosophy and the desire to provide greater charm to life, purifying the feeling of man and society through flowers, the Sanguetsu academy was founded. 

My dear teachers shared countless knowledge, among them, we must devote ourselves with spirit and feeling when making the arrangements and always keep in mind: that flowers have and convey emotions, that we must preserve their vitality, by keeping our workplace clean and organized, we show respect for what we are doing, we should never waste resources, prepare them with joy, as if we were painting a picture, have positive thoughts when handling the flowers and put our love energy in everything we do.

I learned that by bringing beauty to people around us, we could transform some people. Those who manage to appreciate its perfection and realize that they resemble the same perfection are the ones who transform their lives with a flower arrangement. We have beauty and perfection inside us; we just have to believe it.

Once a month, I dedicate time to prepare these arrangements and distribute them to special people, bringing some people the mysterious strength of flowers and a special connection to the universe; I hope you receive a flower arrangement made with love like this one day. 


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