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Embarking on your journey as part of the global expat community? Having an expat expert ensures a seamless and stress-free transition for you and your family.

Thrive in your life abroad

Embark on your expat journey with confidence by utilising the tailored success coaching services designed for individuals, executives, and families relocating to a new country. Whether you're fluent in English or not, this support is crafted to accelerate your adaptation, leveraging your existing skills and helping you overcome any lack of confidence. Collaboratively, we clarify your goals, identify obstacles, and develop effective strategies for success. Benefit from the expertise of an expat coach, gaining a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges faced in a new country. This guidance empowers you to leverage your strengths, receive targeted support, and accelerate your path to triumph over the hurdles of expat life, ensuring you thrive in your transformative journey.


In the journey of expat life, we all desire different things, harbour unique dreams, and carry diverse dislikes. It's crucial to acknowledge that what suits one person may not be the perfect fit for another. Embracing these differences is the key to crafting the best possible life abroad. I recognise and resonate with this truth, having experienced it firsthand in my own expat adventures across more than four countries. Unlike a cookie-cutter approach, my coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs, understanding that each person is unique. Drawing upon a range of coaching tools acquired throughout my career and informed by my personal expat journey, I ensure that your expat experience is not just a success but a deeply personalised and fulfilling one. Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring it reflects your distinct aspirations and brings about the transformative change you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, but my coaching services are accessible worldwide through online sessions.

I have an office in Melbourne for in-person sessions, and I hold monthly workshops in the same area for group sessions of constellation. Additionally, all coaching sessions are conducted online, providing flexibility and accessibility for expats globally.

Coaching offers tailored support to navigate challenges, leverage strengths, and create a fulfilling expat life.

Absolutely. My coaching services cater to individuals, executives, and entire families to address diverse expat needs.

I use a holistic approach, incorporating executive tools, extensive entrepreneur support materials and knowledge, and family systemic constellations if needed.

Family sessions involve collaborative discussions, addressing each member’s needs to ensure a cohesive and thriving expat experience. Individual sessions are initially conducted with the parents to create a tailored plan supporting the children’s needs. Subsequently, individual sessions with the kids may occur based on the issue and age. Additionally, group family sessions are available to involve everyone.

Coaching accelerates adaptation by leveraging existing skills, overcoming confidence barriers, and providing targeted support.

My personal expat journey adds depth and understanding, ensuring a nuanced approach to address the challenges expatriates face.

Yes, coaching can assist in overcoming language barriers, offering strategies to build confidence and navigate linguistic challenges.

Coaching focuses on strategies to achieve work-life balance, empowering expats to thrive in both personal and professional spheres.

For detailed information on coaching packages and pricing, please contact me for a personalised discussion.

Certainly. In addition to guiding individuals through career changes, I also extend support to expat spouses in discovering their unique paths within the new country. While they may initially provide support to the family, my coaching helps them identify opportunities that align with their knowledge and passion, fostering their personal happiness and fulfillment.

Expatriate entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from coaching, especially when guided by someone with personal entrepreneurial experience and expertise in marketing and CRM, such as myself. With a background at the Small Business Development Center in the USA, I bring a unique blend of skills to help navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. My coaching provides tailored support for expat entrepreneurs, ensuring a smooth transition and professional success in their ventures abroad.

Yes, all coaching sessions are confidential, creating a safe space for open and honest discussions.

Coaching sessions typically last 75 minutes, ensuring ample time for in-depth discussions and goal-setting.

Yes, coaching addresses homesickness by providing coping strategies, fostering connections, and creating a sense of belonging.

Coaching supports cultural adjustment by offering insights, strategies, and tools to navigate and appreciate diverse cultural environments.

Expat coaching tailors traditional coaching methodologies to address the unique challenges and opportunities expatriates encounter.

Coaching offers strategies to connect with and build a supportive expat community, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.

Yes, coaching is beneficial for expats at any stage, from initial relocation challenges to long-term goal setting and fulfilment.

Why talk to me

As an independent and accomplished expatriate, you've likely approached challenges with thorough analysis and problem-solving skills. Your intellect and logical thinking have served you well, but now you're realizing that the current situation requires a different approach. Despite your efforts, you find yourself trapped in familiar patterns, and like many of us, you may have tried seeking support from family and friends, only to discover that it hasn't yielded the desired results. You might be unintentionally avoiding or suppressing emotions to sidestep facing them directly. Regardless of your coping mechanism, it's evident that you're in a situation demanding change. The catch is, you're navigating this journey abroad, away from your trusted support network that may not fully grasp the intricacies of your expat life. Feeling stuck and uncertain about your next moves, it's clear that a shift is necessary.Gain valuable insights and empowerment for your unique journey.


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