Triads Relational Intelligence Test


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  • Sep 16, 2022
  • All Day
  • Betina

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Triads Relational Intelligence Test


All Day
Sep 16, 2022



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What is it?

For nearly 20 years, we have been investigating human differences, as many other scholars have done. Our specific interest has been to understand not only the individual but the dynamics of relationships and the development of Relational intelligence.

After many years of research and team coaching, executive coaching, and team-building activities carried out with clients, many from companies on the Fortune list, we have built a method that has contributed to the improvement of professional relationships, whether for leaders and subordinates, development of teams and executive coaching. 

We have taken this research to the University of Manchester in a doctoral program for the past seven years. The results have confirmed other research that suggests that the expansion of self-awareness brings a significant improvement in the quality of relationships. In the Hallos method, this change is developed by understanding the differences in the five human archetypes, which has allowed a more inclusive and collaborative look at relationships.

The Hallos method was born to stimulate new ways of understanding and dealing with diversity of types in relationship for the formation of engaging leaders and collaborative teams, based on 3 essential pillars:

Increase the self awareness of leaders and team members
Understand and include the diversity of talents in their individual expressions
Transform the professional relationship into collaborative and growth encounter

In this Webinar, we intend to talk a little about the fundamentals of this method, its pillars, a new, simple look at human relationships and the importance of Relational Intelligence today. We will also talk about the benefits of Certification for you, both as an individual and for your professional activity.

Our idea is also to bring up some themes that we work on in Certification, such as the dynamics of polarity and the triad formed by innate human talents and how to approach professionals from five different perspectives.


After 15 years leading teams and tens of courses and methods, Hallos has enabled me establishing the best routes to maximize the communication with the people of my team….. Undoubtedly, this is the method that I have retained the most and that I put into practice due to its simplicity and effectiveness… and .. it was the most successful one for my team.

– Daniel Martin | Red Bull (Espanha)

Hallos Relations had a great impact on me. Served to make me better understand and become more aware of how I interact and the impact I cause in others. It has helped me in the relationship with my husband and it was revealing to understand my profile and his. I use it in all my coaching sessions. It is a wonderful and easy methodology. It is very useful for teamwork, conflict and negotiation.

– Marta Zúñiga | Director of Talent, Juice (Spain)

Hallos has strongly enabled barrier elimination in our relations with our collaborators, and among managers, providing very effective tools to achieve an honest, efficient and effective communication

-Jorge Ramirez Oñate | Banco Estado (Chile)

It is very gratifying to see that a self-awareness method (Hallos) led the organization to develop individually and collectively in a reliable, integrated, and consistent manner. It was a personal and professional turnaround. This experience brought us the main consequences of constructing the team’s purpose and concrete and superior results, which repositioned us internally and externally.

– Rodrigo Alponti | Supply Chain Head of Europe, Sanofi

Date and Details

09/16/22 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM MTD

09/23/22 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM MTD

09/30/22 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM MTD

10/07/22 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM MTD

10/16/22 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM MTD

Marco Antonio Camacho de Figueiredo

International Facilitator, Educator, Researcher and Executive Coach

His work aims to develop leaders and career, and Leadership Development Programs, Identity, Team, and Organizational Culture Building in Brazil, Latin America, and Europe. Doctorate in Business Administration at The University of Manchester (Jan 2021). He is a Business Administrator at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and Master in Social Psychology (USP). He took courses in Biographic Counseling (ELEB/International Trainers Forum, Goetheanum, Switzerland), Leadership at CTI (USA), Coaching; at The Coaching Training Institute (USA), EcoSocial (Brazil), Integral Coaching (Canada), and Train the Trainers (SBPNL). He was an executive in organisation including Bunge, Vicunha, Johnson & Johnson Groups, and Credicardhall. As a consultant, he services Natura, Nestlé, Sanofi, Reckitt, Avon, Danone, Purina, ESPN, and Johnson. He was responsible for the design and application of the Leadership Programme of London Business School for Nestlé in Brazil, and he was also a strategic partner of IBM Brazil. He is an awareness stage researcher of individuals and organisations and new management and leadership models. He also develops researches on youngster insertion in professional life.

Founding member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in Brazil and a visiting professor at Fundação Dom Cabral. Hallos Consulting founder.