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Breath: The new science of a lost art

My Chinese Medicine doctor recommended me this amazing book called Breath, written by James Nestor. This book points out that humans have lost their ability to breathe correctly. Losing this ability has impacted on our physical health and impacted on things like our jaw shape. Nestor tracks down men and women exploring the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices.

I learned so much that I decided to put in practice, at night I tape my month and in 2 days I could see the results on my energy.

40% of the world population today suffers from chronic nasal obstruction.  When our naval cavities become obstructed and congested, airflow decreases, and the bacteria flourish, which leads down a path of infection, colds, and more congestion. 

Evolution doesn’t always mean progress. It means change. And life can change for better or worse. Mouth-breathing is a detrimental contributor to why our [[sleep]] quality has declined over the past several decades. When seasonal allergies hit, sleep apnea and breathing difficulties arise. 

When the body has inadequate time in deep sleep, vasopressin isn’t secreted normally. The kidneys will release water, which triggers your need to urinate and signals to the brain; you need to consume water. Poor breathing, thus sleep leads to bed-wetting, ADHD, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and so on.

Mouth-breathing can also make you dumber. A Japanese study in humans from 2013 found that mouth breathing delivered a disturbance of oxygen to the prefrontal cortex. I want to keep up with as many content as i can to share with all of you, that’s why I’m on this experience. If you difficulty in breathing though you nose I recommend you to investigate and learn this book too.

Your nose cleans the air, heats it, and moistens it for easier absorption. Our bodies operate best, in a state of balance, moving between action and relaxation. This balance is influenced, if not controlled by the nasal cycle, and the mucus in the nose is our body’s first line of defense. 

Try to tape your mouth with 3Ms microfiber tape, which will eliminate your nightly mouth-breathing. The second step is to be able to conscious heavy breathing, by doing that we will be the pilots of our autonomic nervous systems and our bodies, not the passengers. You should try it.



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