The 7-Year Cycles of Life: What They Are How & They Impact Us

Download visual here Have you ever felt that life moves in mysterious patterns, with ups and downs that repeat themselves? In reality, there is a hidden rhythm guiding us through life. Think about it as your life’s map. It guides …


Listen to Your Needs – The Benefits of Fueling Your Body

Nutrition balance is essential for good health at any age. Fueling your body through a healthy diet and engaging in outdoor activities have an impact on your general health, both for your physical and emotional condition. While most foods contain …


Moving Up the Energy Vibrational Scale: How It Can Benefit You

You’re probably aware by now that we, as humans, are surrounded by an energy field. But did you know that our emotional scale can be affected by all the thoughts going through our brains every day?  On average, humans have …

The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness: How Important Is It to Celebrate Your Wins?

Have you ever stopped and wondered: what have I done today that feels like a small victory? We, as people, have the tendency to enjoy life’s big victories — graduation, a new career path, getting married, or achieving our long-term …