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Begin the Self-Development Process by Setting your Goals

We are all familiar with the myth of starting on Monday.Don’t you know it? It sounds like that: “I will start eating healthier next Monday.”. 

However, have you ever wondered what makes people postpone their self-development journey and achieve the objective they keep in mind? It’s all about the setting goals process, which sometimes might become a tough one. 

Nevertheless, we notice examples of successfully achieved objectives everywhere, so let’s see what it takes to set smart goals that are actually achievable and develop healthy habits that shape your new reality.

We are all aware of the fact that one of the most important aspects of achieving success is setting goals. It allows us to shape our future, whether it’s expanding our knowledge, acquiring a new skill, or rekindling a romance. 

This also encourages us to grow and extend, challenging us to change in ways we never anticipated. As people, we need to feel like we are constantly working towards something to feel content with ourselves. Goals and healthy habits ultimately determine the quality of life of every one of us. 

Understanding the importance of the process and the steps you need to take for reaching a new point in your life paves your route to success. If you have ever wondered how to set goals and why setting goals is important, we have compiled a list of steps and tips to help you begin the self-development process.

The Steps You Need To Make to Start Setting Your Goals

Usually, saying “I want” is not enough for you to see actual accomplishments. 

Setting goals is a thorough process that depends on how you define them, starts with a lot of contemplation and culminates with the steps you are making to achieve the final point. Knowing how to go through all those stages will lead to a new self-development process. 

Whether you are thinking about long-term or short-term achievements, knowing how to set goals will bring you closer to mindfulness. So, where to start?

  1. Brainstorm what you want to achieve. One of the most important steps you need to make is writing down what goals you want to work towards. Research shows that people who put their goals on paper are 20% more likely to achieve them. You can make separate lists depending on the aspects of your life you want to improve: family, career, health, personal development. This will give you a more clear perspective on what you want to improve and what you should prioritize. 
  2. Set goals that make you excited. When setting goals, you need to understand if the final achievement will improve the quality of your life. If you are writing down something that you have little interest in, you become less likely to work on achieving it. To understand if the goal motivates you, write down the answer to the question why is it valuable for me? Being truly excited and motivated about your goal will help you in the long run. 
  3. Start with an action plan. After you write down your goals, think about how you can include small steps towards achieving them in your everyday routine. This stage is crucial because your goals are like magnets – you attract what you think and work on. Your quality of life depends on the small and healthy habits that you include in your routine that help you achieve the desired result.
  4. Keep in mind that it’s an ongoing process. Writing down your goals and visualizing them is not enough. You need to constantly work on your self-development process and remind yourself why those long-term goals are important to you. Think about it in the long term and as a process that never stops. However, remember that your aspirations are strongly connected to your life purpose. 

What Are Smart Goals and How Do Those Help You

After learning how to set goals, the next step is to analyze if those goals are achievable. Breaking down your goals sets a clear intention and helps you look at the bigger picture of what you want to accomplish overall. Other studies show that 90% of people manage to get a better result with relevant and challenging goals. 

You have probably heard people talk about smart goals, but what exactly do they mean and how does it help you on the self-development journey?

SMART goals are defined as specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. We want to help you better understand why setting goals is important, especially using this tactic. So, how can you make your objectives SMART?

  • (S)pecific Goals. What you want to accomplish should be very clear, otherwise, you will not be able to focus fully on it. Make sure that your goals aren’t vague because those can lead you in the wrong direction. This scenario is important, especially when talking about long-term goals. Reflect on the steps that you need to make in the long run and be as specific as possible when making an action plan. 
  • (M)easurable Goals. We are always looking for a way to measure our success. The same case applies to achieving your goals, as well. When writing them down, include precise dates and amounts to be able to reflect upon. Create a timeline that you can look forward to and it will motivate you to follow the process. 
  • (A)ttainable Goals. When setting your goals, think about the ones that are realistic to achieve. The process should challenge your abilities, but if you set a goal that is not achievable, you will get demoralized. You can also reflect upon other factors from your life, like career, money, or family that might impede the goals you are setting. 
  • (R)elevant Goals. Always remember that your goals should align with your purpose. Ask yourself if the goal seems worthwhile in your life and why it is important for you to achieve it. Try to set goals that are relevant to your self-development journey and keep you focused on it. 
  • (T)ime-bound Goals. Give your goals a deadline. Reflect upon a period of time by which you want to achieve something and it will keep you focused. It’s also a great way of measuring your success, but besides that, setting time-bound goals helps you prioritize what you want to achieve. 

Why Is Setting Goals Such an Important Process for Your Self-Development?

Firstly, it involves planning your future. Goal setting offers you something to look forward to. People are usually attracted by the satisfaction that comes after achieving their goals. As such, when looking at the bigger and asking ourselves why is setting goals important – it is because it shapes our reality. 

When looking back at what you have accomplished, there is a sense of pride that comes with it. Goals make you stay focused and keep yourself accountable for your actions. Setting goals teaches you how to celebrate your success and acknowledge when you need to make changes, ultimately shaping the quality of your life. 

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