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Be the maker of your destiny

Be the maker of your destiny. As humans, all that we have created is just a manifestation of our minds, the essential part of creating what you want is to 1st manifest it within the mindscape. What is powerfully established in the mindscape is bound to find manifestation in actuality. Each one of us has desires, our very own list of dreams; we all want to have our blueprint in this world. Our desires cannot be easily wished away; they may be extravagant or mundane, ambitious but trivial, they may be inconvenient, they may be too personal to share, but they are ours. For us, they are real; they are precious; they are urgent and deeply significant. If you care about your desires, practice meditation, this is a tool to create what you desire and manifesting what you care for in your life. May you know the power of being the master of your destiny.


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