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Are you postponing your problems?

It’s important to learn how to make wise decisions, and to have the courage to make them rather than avoid them. I inherited some properties from my father, and one of them had colossal property taxes. My father had neglected to pay property taxes for fifteen years, and for this reason, his debt was higher than the value of the land itself. We had to hire a lawyer to help us negotiate the property’s debt, and we are on our way to solve this situation. Once the regularization is done, the next step is to try to sell the property to recover the regularization expenses. It is not lovely to inherit problems, but it is essential to be aware that we have to be attentive to all details and not postponed problems but face them. This attitude is also crucial in our relationships; if you have something that is bothering you, face it and try to talk about it. Avoiding problems only makes them more prominent. Conditions are never perfect; people who postpone claiming they are waiting for ideal conditions never accomplish anything.


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