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Are you an Ideal Team Player?

Have you ever wondered what makes a person easy to work with? I’m convinced that as much as you understand the five types of essences you have and the people you interact with, that will make you an excellent team player.

There are some tools available that can help you identify your essences; I’m not talking about the DISC test that identifies only your personality. The personality is like a mask that you created to protect yourself during your whole life. 

There is a Budha quote that we spend half of our lives creating masks to protect ourselves and the other half of our lives trying to eliminate them to find real happiness. 

Why care about the masks? Isn’t it better to focus on your essences?

The Interpersonal Skills Test that I refer to here helps you identify the essences you were born with. And not only determine your essences but also teach you how to deal with the other types of people and finally understand them. It’s up to you to use this knowledge, respecting all the differences, and making the best of it to build an incredible team at work or even having better relationships at home.

A person who understands the five types of essences can read an individual or a group, understand non-verbal cues, and quickly build a complementary team to achieve better performance.

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